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Views of a Diverse Electorate (with Fiel...

September 25th, 2015 Where does California Stand on Affirmative Action? PDF of our poll report (with Field Poll) September 25, 2014 The United States is diversifying rapidly along the lines of race and ethnicity, and perhaps nowhere is that more apparent than in California, a state where no racial/ethnic group is a majority (California has been a majority-minority state since 2000), and where Latinos are now the largest racial/ethnic group among residents in the state. […]

AAPI Opinion on the Affordable Care Act

October 1st, 2013 Key findings in this report include: – A majority of Asian Americans support the Affordable Care Act, nearly three times those who oppose the law – The net level of support for the Affordable Care Act among Asian Americans is comparable to those found among Latinos and African Americans – Among national origin groups, support for the Affordable Care Act is highest among Vietnamese Americans and Korean Americans – For Asians in […]